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General Mortgage Bond

A bond which is secured by a blanket mortgage on the company's property, but which is usually subordinated to one or more other mortgage bonds.

Gross-up and Credit System

A procedure to encourage Canadians to invest in preferred and common shares of taxable, dividend-paying Canadian corporations. Not available on interest from bonds. The taxpayer pays tax based on grossing up (i.e., adding 33 1/3% to) the amount of dividend actually received and obtains a credit against federal and provincial tax based on the grossed up amount.

Growth Stock

Common stock of a company with excellent prospects for above-average future growth; a company which over a period of time seems destined for above-average expansion.

GTC Order

Good till cancelled order. Same as Open Order.

Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)

A deposit instrument most commonly available from trust companies, requiring a minimum investment at a pre-determined rate of interest for a stated term. Generally non-redeemable prior to maturity but there can be exceptions.

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